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GPS for Your Sinus Procedure Q & A

Dr. Ryan Vaughn and his team at Exhale Sinus, TMJ, Headache & Sleep are the first in Illinois to bring TruDi navigational technology to the office setting. This technology provides improvement to sinus procedures, such as Balloon Sinuplasty, by providing increased safety and accuracy during the procedure in real-time. This decreases the chance of complications and improves overall outcomes which can reduce the possibility of needing revision procedures or additional surgery in the future.

What is TruDi?

TruDi is like “GPS” for your sinuses. This allows Dr. Vaughn to know exactly where he is in your sinuses during your procedure. Not only is this a major improvement in his ability to safely do your procedure, but it also allows for better outcomes. Often when you have a congested sinus that needs to be opened, the natural opening can be less than 1 millimeter in size. When working in such a tight space, TruDi allows Dr. Vaughn to direct the sinus instruments in the appropriate direction which results in a safer procedure and decreased need for revision procedures in the future.

Why doesn’t every ENT doctor use TruDi?

We aren’t sure! Procedures done with TruDi require additional time and effort in the setup process, but Dr. Vaughn has found that it actually improves the efficiency of the procedure after the initial learning curve.

Dr. Vaughn has performed well over 1,000 sinus and nasal procedures and in a meticulous fashion—he tracks patient outcomes and reviews recordings of his surgical procedures to analyze for possible improvements. Through this work, he has demonstrated with overwhelming evidence that the prior methods of performing this procedure are inadequate to assure the best patient outcomes. Dr. Vaughn was so confident in the benefit that TruDi would bring to his patients that he was the first surgeon to bring this technology to the state of Illinois.

Do I have to pay more to have a procedure assisted by TruDi?

TruDi adds a minimal increase to the cost of the overall procedure but it has been evaluated by all major insurance carriers and as such is a covered benefit. Any time an insurance company questions the reasons for using TruDi, Dr. Vaughn speaks with their internal physician reviewers to explain the benefits and reasons for use.

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