Feel Better. Be Better. Thrive.


Feel better - Be better - Thrive


When you come visit us at Exhale, you might see these words written or hear them spoken. After all, it is our goal for you just as it is our goal for ourselves. But let’s talk just a bit about what we mean.


When you get sick, or something goes wrong with your health, you want to feel better. This is basic and its why most of us go to the doctor. I have a sinus infection, I need an antibiotic to get rid of it. I have a headache, I’ll get an acupuncture treatment to release the pain. We are motivated to feel better and we are good at taking action to reach this goal. But what if there is more?


Let’s explore the sinus infection. Did you know that the shape and space of your sinus can predestine you to sinus infections. For example if your septum is deviated and causes the opening of your sinus to narrow or become blocked, the normal nasal secretions might accumulate, creating an environment for bacteria to grow. If this is the real source of your sinus infections, the antibiotic might clear your current one and you might feel better, but are you better? To “Be” better, you might need your septum straightened and your sinus opening enlarged to promote proper drainage.


Another scenario might be a lesson from Eastern Medicine. Many times sinus infections are a result of something going wrong with our digestive process. And sometimes the antibiotics you take to feel better actually entrench the problem that is coming from your digestion. To “Be” better, you might choose to try an herbal antibiotic to feel better from the sinus infection and then, receive acupuncture, and digestion supporting herbs that get to the root of the original problem. As you can see, sometimes seeking help beyond just feeling better can be very helpful.


And as they say in the commercials, but wait there’s more! We don’t stop at being better, we want to thrive and we want that for you too! So let’s look at how that might happen. First, the definition of “thrive” is to grow vigorously, to flourish. Can you imagine what your life might feel like if your doctor helped you flourish? What if after taking antibiotics, maybe having a nasal procedure, your doctor helped you actually feel even better?


This is our design at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain. If you will take us up on what we offer we will not only help you feel better, we will help you be better and even thrive!

Lisa C. Decatorsmith, L.Ac., MSOM Practitioner of Eastern Medicine at Exhale Sinus and Nasal Pain Center

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