What’s an acupuncturist like you doing in a place like this?!!

In so many places around the world we are divided, and lately pitted against each other.  So has been much of my time as a practitioner of East Asian Medicine. Western medicine v. Eastern medicine. Allopathic v. Holistic. Insurance coverage v. Self pay. The lines that divide us as we try to access the resources that can help us feel better, have become almost insurmountable obstacles.

And that's why I'm here. For the past 18 years I've practiced East Asian Medicine in a solo practice, unsupported by any "Western" modality. I've experienced, with my clients, the absolute wonders that can happen with this medicine. I've witnessed clients not just get relief from symptoms but also a return to "themselves" that comes when you really feel good. This is pretty good stuff!

Almost entirely, my clients were also supported with an allopathic, Western Medicine doctor, or two, or three.  Sometimes the work I did was directly in support with what the doctors were doing.  Sometimes, the work I did had to work around the side effects or other harsh impacts of the Western Medicine they were receiving.  Chemotherapy, surgeries, even pharmaceuticals, while absolutely lifesaving, can also temporarily burden the fundamental health of our bodies.  Whether I was working in concert with my client's physician, or restoring a clients health following something harsh, I always wanted to be in conversation with the rest of the medical team.  I always have felt that if we could work together, we could do much better for our clients/patients, and have greater impacts on your health.  But there were those lines that kept us separate and prevented the conversation.

I met some truly inspired and visionary physicians along the ways. We have had some conversations about integrating our approaches. Dr. Ryan Vaughn is the one who is willing to make it happen.  He, too, is inspired by the vision that by working together, we can do much better for you.

When you come to Exhale you will have options. Whether you choose to seek only allopathic medicine, or dental assistance, or physical therapy, or East Asian support, or whether you choose to combine what we offer in any imaginable combination, you will be in a a place that is having the conversation. You will be in a place that is designed to do much better for you.

That's why I'm here!!!

Lisa C. Decatorsmith, L.Ac., MSOM
Practitioner of Eastern Medicine at Exhale Sinus, TMJ, Headache & Sleep